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3-String Cigar Box Guitar

Cigar Box Guitars

Listed below are some links to free training videos for 3-string cigar box guitars

Diddley Bows

The diddley bow, although a one stringed handcrafted instrument, is significant to blues music in that many blues guitarists started playing it as children, as well as the fact that, like the slide guitar, it is played with a slide.

Twister Cans

A Twister Can (aka canjo), unlike the cigar box guitars, is a handcrafted instrument composed of a fretted, single string, with a hardwood neck and a metal can as the resonator.   The fretboard is diatonic scale with   dulcimer style fretting and twelve notes.

Sources for parts & supplies

As one can never have enough strings, picks, slides, etc., here are listings for vendors I use.

 C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply :

 MGB Guitars:


Here you can find information on the history of some of the handcrafted instruments, links to free training materials  and information on some suppliers.

Audio Clips

Twister Can Demo-Hard times (mp3)


Diddley Bow Demo (mp3)


Ukulele Demo2 (mp3)


Tenor Banjo Demo (mp3)


3-String Fretless Demo (mp3)


License Plate Guitar (mp3)


3-String Fretted Guitar Demo - Hard Times (mp3)


Resonator Guitar Demo (mp3)